One more down

And another day checked off on the calendar toward my retirement date of April 2.  Today the children’s department had a big program planned around the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That drew in about 70 kids but then that also brought in big brothers and sisters, moms, some dads…this is Spring break in the local school system. For awhile it was real crazy and it gave me a taste of what would be coming in the summer when programs attract even greater numbers and we have the kids who are dropped off all day because the parents have no other options and the homeless seek out the air conditioning and…I was so happy that I would be leaving that part of my job behind in 7 days. Still I am struggling to get a lot of planning in place so my colleagues aren’t anymore stressed than they will be with the loss of a full-time position. Rumor has it, that the administration, in their infinite wisdom, will not be filling my job till September and then it may only be posted as part-time.  It saddens me to hear this. First, because I announced my retirement early enough to give them 3 months to fill before all hell breaks loose in the summer, but second, because they would think so lightly of all I have done in 31 years that they think a part-time person can handle it while they farm out a lot of my work to other employees already burdened with extra jobs. sigh! Curt says, forget it, it’s not your problem, but it still makes my eyes water up.

Enough of the maudlin stuff, got to think toward the future and leave the past in the past. They are throwing me a retirement party April 18 and because I am attached to the crazy children’s department ( you know, puppet show people, dress-up, story times, etc) I think some shenanigans are being planned. That’s OK, as long as we have good beer it will all be worth it.


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