It was such a nice day we decided to do a little birding after lunch. There have been sightings of Tundra swans out in the Shiocton, Wi area so we set the GPS and hit the road. On hwy 54 just past Black Creek there is the Mack Wildlife Reserve and just further west on the right is a viewing stand. You have to drive down about a half mile to reach it and we noticed other cars down there or stopped along the road. As we headed that way a couple of sandhill cranes cruised over but we didn’t see anything else of note. Lots of Canadian geese, mallards and seagulls.  We went back to 54 and headed west toward Shiocton.  About two miles(?) down the road we noticed some very white shapes off in a corn field to our right. They were really far off but we found a road (a dead end) which we took to investigate at a closer range. Boy, was this road a mud hole. I’m glad we have four wheel drive. About a mile in we pulled over at a curve and could get the birds in our glasses. Yes tundra swans, sitting or browsing in the field. We turned around and headed out.

There was another van parked in the same area, hope they got turned around and didn’t get stuck in the mud. Not much else till we got back to Green Bay where we made a quick stop at the Wildlife Sanctuary and got redheads swimming amongst the mallards and geese in the lagoon off the residence. Total: 3 new birds for this year’s list.


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