Saturday afternoon

First day of Spring and it has been cool. I think I saw a high of 38 at one point but it is sunny and not too windy so really a very nice way to kick off Spring.  A friend in Chicago said it was snowing and blowing down there.  Whew,  glad to dodge that bullet.

We spent the morning at a local antique and collectibles show. Usually Curt and our close friend Carol go to these without me but they weren’t leaving at the crack of dawn so I decided to join them. Curt found a wooden puzzle of the United States, Carol picked up postcards and stereopticon cards and I found some buttons and lace. I have been picking up interesting buttons and other such notions to hopefully use on some art dolls I have been designing.

today's treasures

Once I retire (10 more days) I will have more time to work on the construction of the dolls and if any turn out I will post pictures here.

It may be hard to tell from the picture but the green buttons look like little snails, the brown ones remind me of mushrooms or butterscotch chips. The little bird is a button. Looks like a swallow.

Speaking of birds, Curt just called out that there is a cowbird at the feeder. We had tree sparrows and a bluebird this morning, and robins and redwinged blackbirds the last two weeks. Off to download a book to my computer.


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