Keeping current

Keeping current may be the hardest thing about a blog, especially while I am still holding down a fulltime job (but that’s for only 13 more days, not counting weekends).

I promised a recipe for the Lemon Polenta Cake but the master chef hasn’t had a chance to write it down in recipe format. Bits and pieces of notes with arrows is all I have right now so you will have to wait for this on a later post.

However you can see how the cake looked once we cut it and a glimpse of our St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day dinner

dinner: corned beef, colcannon and glazed carrots.

Slice of cake

Last night we attended the Green Bay International Film Society’s showing of Stray Dog by Akira Kurosawa. This was one of his early films from 1949. Set in 1949 Tokyo it is a quest and a story of the nature of man wrapped up in a police procedural.  Kurosawa cinematic eye is wonderful. Even minor characters stand out in wonderful tableaus or mini-movies.


2 thoughts on “Keeping current

  1. Hey! Time to update—- you’ve been retired for months! Did you get the article about the Chefs not eating some stuff….thought C. might think about oysters when he goes out. Ugh!
    Slimy things! Right? Right!

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