Welcome to the world of the Heuers

Even though the blog is not formatted to what I would really like, I figured it was time to put out the first post. Why am I blogging? Well some dramatic changes are starting to change the way I live my life so I thought adding a narration to that new beginning appropriate. Changes? Oh yes. On March 2, at 8:30am I met with the director of the library where I work and announced my retirement, effective Friday, April 2.  Good Friday. Well good for me. After 31 years at the same job ( I’m a pretty constant person) it was time to call it quits. My husband, Curt, who I assume you will hear from in this blog now and then, retired last July 31.  My son Nathan will graduate from UW Eau Claire on May 22, 2010 (Yay! 5 years and he’s out!). Oh, did I mention the mortgage will be paid off this summer?  The stars were in alignment, the pegs were falling into place, yes, it was time.

“So now what?”, everyone asks. Art and food and gardening and reading and travel….. all of which I will share in part with my blog readers.  So watch this space for the further adventures of Jeanne and Curt.


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